About Us

VR Coal is a Indian based company with affiliated trading arms in Southern India. It is mainly focused on the energy business with a particular interest and experience in Indonesian coal trading. We are one of the biggest exporters, importers and suppliers of imported coal all over India.We ensure that a optimum quality product is offered to each and every client.VR Coal has got long term supply contracts with Leading Mining Companies of Indonesia.

VR Coal Organization

VR Coal is led by top management team with a combined experience in coal trading and mining for 18 years. Supported by back office staff and dedicated team of Field Managers VRC works with Internationally recognized laboratories (including Inspectorate and CCIC) and surveyors to ensure the highest standards of coal quality, low emission, eco friendly and clean coal are met and contract performance is maintained.


Keeping efficiency and economical we believe in supply emission eco-friendly clean coal.


  • Continually encourage teamwork and co-operation; look for alternative ways to work with others, thus creating better results and working relationships.
  • Help to keep morale and levels of performance high even during periods of intense pressure and heavy volumes of work.

Our mission is to maintain leadership in the Coal Sector and to emerge as the most preferred Coal supplier in India.


  • Display honesty, fairness and equity in interpersonal and professional work.
  • well-timed shipments and a transparent business approach
  • To offer our customers products with superior quality and value
  • improve company’s image and strengthen their bottom line

VRC believes in the mantra, "Relations and honesty brings business"

  • Reliability : We conduct every prospect of business with candorness and transparency
  • Quality : our key goal is to provide the best products possible to our customers and consumers.
  • Integrity : We care about the quality of our work, our relationships and our contributions to our company and to the communities and industries we serve.